Polyurethane Products

Rigid Polyurethane Foam that is produced from Bayer Chemical and is a fluorocarbon-blown Polyisocynurate
based low density rigid Polyurethane foam system

Product Description

Polyurethane foam offers unique advantages over other types of insulation materials and provide greater insulate on efficiency.


Dimensionally Stable Will not sag or buckle
Light Weight Easy to handle, transport and install, and can be cut with a saw
Low Thermal Conductivity Less material used for insulation
Density Less material used for insulation
Durable Resistant to solvent and chemicals
Thermal Stability Can be used from -200°C to +110°C

Physical Properties

All Physical Test Data Values are on Samples

Density Compressive (Kpa) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.k)
35 Kg/m3 @ 20°C 130 0.020
50 Kg/m3 @ 30°C 370 0.020
160 Kg/m3 @ 30°C 1900 0.025 (pipe support)

Rigid polyurethane foam grade is :-

  • ASTM D 1621 (SISIR)
  • ASTM C 518 : 1991 (SISIR)

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